Wednesday 10 December 2014

Travelling Doily

I call this my travelling doily,  I started it in the summer it was easy to pack and didn't have to worry about working with white so sometimes it was stashed into my pocket. I did lose some photos but managed to have a few to share with you today.  First up is my eyeglass case with my dollar store 4X glasses. Oh there is another bit of tatting, seems I am a good starter of projects.

This is a picture of the doily travelling against those blue skies we always have.
These next few are just nice pictures to show the pattern. 

Finally, I am on the last round, it is a tricky row with some odd stitch counts.  I have found the diagram helpful and managed to understand what direction I was going.  I hand drew and wrote out some instructions to better understand what I was doing until I had the pattern in my head.  Finished one of points only 31 left to go.

The pattern is from Tatting Theory and Patterns by Jan Stawasz and it is called Doily VI.  It is worked with Hakelgarn size 20, number 58 Pea Green.


  1. Tis is a lovely pattern ! I love the way the centre stands out.there is a mot of structure in it. Pea geen?

  2. I took some white on a trip. By the end, the white was very, very grey. I soaked it in multiple baths of soapy water and it came clean!

    Even green can get dirty traveling. But, I imagine you were not staying at campgrounds and hiking. The doily is lovely.

  3. Lovely pattern going to be a lovely doily when you have finished


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