Monday, 22 September 2014

Jan Stawasz Moje Robotki 8/2007 Huge Doily tat-along Row 6

The Big D is now 15" across but such a good thing that I have finished those motifs.  One came apart as I showed my sister how I hid ends.  My sister who always gives good advice said, "Good thing it happened now and you can correct it." She is always right. I corrected the motif and then went on to get row VI out of the way. 

Not quite halfway through but other projects in the works to distract me from this. I have noticed that the feel of rightside wrongside tatting is similar to crochet in that you can feel the difference between the smoothness of the work from one side to the other.  I don't know how else to explain this. Perhaps other crafters have had the same experience. 


  1. Very nice to see this against something so we know the size, beautiful work!

  2. It's looking great! You are catching up to where I am. This project is so big, I find myself getting distracted by other things as well.

  3. If I finish this within a year that will be great. Thanks for the comments ladies.


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