Monday, 21 April 2014

Spring Napkin/Doily Row 2

Row two complete and time to choose new colors.  So far it is laying very flat.  I still have the ends to deal with and hate that there is no easy way to change color and end between rounds.  Going at my own pace but enjoying the pattern.


  1. This yellow and white is very pretty if I didn't have 2 other doilies to finish, and other stuff I would so start this too. Every one says it very nice and lays flat so that goo to here!

  2. Bernice, your initial rounds look as if they've been tatted with gold & silver thread ! Love the yellow shade :-) As Madtatter said, this doily Does lay flat. I only did till Round 8, but it lays nice & flat, with only some mild ironing after each round. No blocking, etc. required.
    Eager to see your progress ...

  3. The first two rounds are done with DMC Cebelia 20 .yellow and light blue. These were threads from my moms stash which she gifted to me wen she passed on her shuttles. I should have enough to finish if I alternate the colors. I have light blue, yellow lavender, green and pink. I will post after each round. Round three will be the largest piece I have ever tatted.

  4. You're off to a very pretty start. I'm doing row 8. I will post soon. I attach thread with a weavers knot. It wouldn't even have to be sewn in. I do put a dab of Fray Check on my knots. I also advise you to use two shuttles on row three and any row with thrown rings. Maybe you've already figured that out. If you have any troubles you can pm me on In Tatters. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy Tatting, Bernice.


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